Lace Base DIY Kit
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Lace Base DIY Kit


Product Type: Hair Kit

Your hair replacement unit is an investment, so why not protect it with the best hair care products available? Our Lace Base DIY Kit will help you install and remove your lace base man weave without ruining the unit.

This kit includes

Supertape CC Contour Hairpiece Tape (36 ct.)

Supertape is a brand new hairpiece tape for extended wear bond. It boasts an incredibly long-lasting hold time.

This tape can be used on both lace or poly hair systems. Has no shine. Hold time as stated by the MFG. is 4 weeks. But it has been reported by some pro stylists that you may get a two-week hold on average. Hold time will vary based on individuals body chemistry and lifestyle.

Lace Release Spray by Walker Tape (4 oz.)

Lace Release reduces the chance of damaging lace or mesh frontals by releasing the adhesive or tape from the hair system. Used properly, most of the adhesive residue will remain on your scalp, not on the hair system. Lace Release is non-oily.

C-22 Solvent Spray by Walker Tape (4 oz.)

The C-22 solvent is one of the most effective adhesive removers on the market. It is widely used for lace wig adhesives as well as tape-in extensions which makes it ideal for any salon to have in their cabinets. One of the things we love about this product is that it emits a really pleasant citrus smell. This makes any removal process that much more easier to do. With the addition of the ingredient Lanolin, this product also guarantees that the scalp does not dry up too quickly and effectively conditions the hair. We advise that you shampoo after removal process is complete. Any adhesive residue should be removed before continuing any other salon services. Removal Formula Specially Designed for Dissolving Wig Adhesives and Tape-In Hair Extensions. Contains Citrus Oil to loosen and remove Wig Adhesives and Tape In Human Hair Extensions. Reaction Time in as little as a minute to remove adhesives and bonds.

Scalp Care Protector by Walker Tape (1.4 oz.)

Scalp Protector is your go to when a customer has sensitive skin or you want just a few more days of hold time. Scalp Protector forms a protective barrier to prevent irritation from adhesives and tapes. It also improves adhesion, and duration of bonds. Works great in hot and humid weather conditions. Great for customers who play sports or have oily skin. It may also be applied to hair systems to improve cleanup. Finally, Scalp Protector lets you get an extremely strong bond right away without the normal 24 hour wait. Pretty amazing stuff. If you are not wearing it....why? This is a must have for summer at least.

Bixby Wells Brand Leave-In Conditioner Spray (4 oz.)

Bixby Wells Brand leave in conditioner spray is a professional grade hair replacement product formulated for everyday use. Make sure that the hair of your man weave stays healthy and strong by using Bixby Wells Brand Leave In Conditioner in concert with the other Bixby Wells Brand grooming products to ensure complete protection from the strains of everyday wear and tear and ultra-violet rays. Our leave-in conditioner is designed to infuse your hair with softness while controlling itch and scalp oil. The Bixby Wells Brand Leave In Conditioner keeps your hair looking great and provides protection from wear and tear and harsh environmental situations. To use, spray over hair and allow the mist to settle for five seconds, comb through and repeat as necessary. Available in a 8 oz spray bottle, use daily with Bixby Wells Brand Shampoo and Conditioner for best results.

We use the best materials on the market to make perfectly groomed, unstoppably good hair systems. However, we do not guarantee the lifespan of any hair system. Any mention of the lifespan of our hair systems is an approximate. Wear and tear of any hair system is solely dependent upon the wearer's care and maintenance. We recommend that gents have at least two hair systems on hand to rotate use and have as a spare in case a unit needs repairs.

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