LOGAN French Lace w/ PU Perimeter HRS (2 pc Set)
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LOGAN French Lace w/ PU Perimeter HRS (2 pc Set)

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Worried about what to do when the hair system you're wearing needs shampooing, but you have plans that you can't cancel? No worries. With our two-piece man weave set, you'll never have to go anywhere without your #unstoppablygoodhair.

The 2 pc set includes the LOGAN, our hair replacement system with an Australian base design featuring hair textures that matches the hair textures of Black and Afro Latino men. You can sleep in it, shower in it, swim in it and exercise in it. The top of the base is made of French lace that's soft, feather light, and breathable. The durable transparent thin skin around the perimeter of the base makes it easy to attach and and clean. Overall, the LOGAN is a natural-looking man weave made especially for Black and Afro Latino men.

Production time: 10 to 15 business days

The top and front of the base is made of French lace, which makes it

  • Breathable and undetectable top view if with bleached knots
  • Feather light and breathable with a natural looking hairline
  • French lace on front section for invisible hairline
  • Undetectable and breathable
  • Allows heat and moisture to escape keeping your head cool in warm-weather environments or during intense physical activity
  • Reinforced sewing lines hold the contour and shape

The sides and back of the base is made of wide poly, transparent thin skin, which 

  • Is a practical choice because of it adds durability
  • provides for easy application of tape and adhesive
  • Makes it an easy surface to clean
  • Enables the wearer to bond the hair system for longer periods of time
  • Provides for extra customization
  • Is great for someone new to wearing or unfamiliar with how to attach a hair replacement system

There are bleached knots at the front of the base, which

  • Creates a more natural front hairline that achieves a realistic look
  • Makes the hair appear to be growing right out from your own scalp
  • Mimics the appearance of your own hair since growing hair appears lighter in color near the scalp

Base Design: An Australian base design with a French lace center and a 1 inch thin transparent skin perimeter

Base Size: 8"x10"

Base Material Color: Medium brown

Front Contour: CC - a round-shape hairline

Colors Available: #1B

Hair Length: 6"

Hair Density: Medium Light to Medium

Hair Type: 100% human hair

Curl & Wave: Tight Afro (4mm), Medium Afro (6mm), Loose Afro (8mm), Kinky Afro Curly (10mm), Kinky Curly (12mm)

  • Instructions for prepping and adhering the hair system
  • Care guide
We use the best materials on the market to make perfectly groomed, unstoppably good hair systems. However, we do not guarantee the lifespan of any hair system. Any mention of the lifespan of our hair systems is an approximate. Wear and tear of any hair system is solely dependent upon the wearer's care and maintenance. We recommend that gents have at least two hair systems on hand to rotate use and have as a spare in case a unit needs repairs.