REID Afro Ultra Thin Skin HRS
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REID Afro Ultra Thin Skin HRS

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What is the non surgical cure for African American men experiencing balding or thinning hair? A hair weave for men featuring afro textured human hair that mimics your natural hair. Here’s what you need to know to rock a full head of hair. The REID Afro Ultra Thin Skin is a hair replacement system designed with a transparent 0.03mm thin skin polyurethane base and single split knots with v-looped hair on the front hairline to create a realistic appearance. Even better, the REID Afro features curl and wave patterns that match African American men hair textures. You can sleep in it, shower in it, swim in it and exercise in it.

Production time: 5 to 7 business days

Knotting method: Single split knots V-loop hair on the front 1/2" with a graduated hair line

  • creates a natural yet durable top view
  • Making it easy to style the hair in any direction
  • Looks realistic and appears natural
  • Knotless hair looks like it is growing out of the scalp

Base material: 0.03mm transparent thin skin polyurethane base featuring afro textures

  • is feather light
  • easy to attach with adhesive
  • Curl and wave patterns include a tight afro (2mm), medium afro (4mm) and loose afro (6mm) that are perfect matches to African American male hair textures
  • takes on an invisible appearance making the base undetectable to the eye
  • super comfortable
  • takes on the appearance of your natural skin making it look just like your scalp
  • Disposable as it is designed for one time wear with a one-month life span
  • low maintenance because the super thin skin making attachment and cleaning a breeze

Base Design: Transparent ultra thin skin base(thinnest skin 0.03mm) with V-looped hair all over

Knotting Method: Single split knots (creates a natural yet durable top view) with v-looped hair on the front hairline (V-loop hair on the front 1/2" with a graduated hair line creates a realistic appearance)

Base Size: 8"x10"

Base Material Color: Transparent

Front Contour: CC - rounded hairline

Colors Available: Jet Black #1, Natural Black #1B, Dark Brown #2

Hair Length: 6"

Hair Density: Medium Light

Hair Type: 100% Human hair

Curl & Wave: Tight Afro (2mm), Medium Afro (4mm), Loose Afro (6mm)

Hair Direction: Freestyle

Durability: 1 month to 6 weeks; Pro Tip: Order 3 or more units at a time.

  • Step by step instructions giving you the skinny for installing my body wave lace front wig
  • "Treat Me Right" care guide
We use the best materials on the market to make perfectly groomed, unstoppably good hair systems. However, we do not guarantee the lifespan of any hair system. Any mention of the lifespan of our hair systems is an approximate. Wear and tear of any hair system is solely dependent upon the wearer's care and maintenance. We recommend that gents have at least two hair systems on hand to rotate use and have as a spare in case a unit needs repairs.