To The Fam

BIXBY WELLS makes the illest face, beard & body care products crafted specifically for kings on the rise rocking that melanin-rich skin.

Your joining a brotherhood of rebels where every dude feels the vibe, shares the struggle, and owns the swagger.

Yo, salute to the kings on the rise redefining the game. BIXBY WELLS ain’t just grooming; it's the heartbeat of your swagger, the anthem of melanin-rich power. For kings on the rise demanding respect for their skin, their beard, and their body, this is your turf.


Made Just for You

We're here to make sure your melanin-rich skin stays on point – healthy, vibrant, and ready to turn heads.

Our arsenal of products spit in the face of hyperpigmentation, flip the bird to sensitive skin, and straight-up KO ingrown hairs.

We're here to address the pain points of our tribe – no more dark spots, no more struggles. BIXBY WELLS is the remedy, the magic potion for that gritty glow.

Our Mission

slay grooming struggles

BIXBY WELLS isn’t here to play; we're on a mission to slay the grooming struggles. Dark spots, wild beards, dull vibes – consider them wiped off the map. We're the remedy for kings on the rise who demand nothing less than excellence.

We're here to turn grooming into a symphony of swagger that demands attention. Each product, a note; together, an anthem.

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Our Purpose

roar against grooming norms

Why do we exist? Simple. BIXBY WELLS is the roar against grooming norms. We’re here to make melanin-rich skin glow, beards flourish, and bodies speak the language of swagger. Purpose? To be the driving force behind your unapologetic confidence.

We're taking over the grooming game like a revolution. Because BIXBY WELLS ain’t just a brand; it's the movement that defines the kings on the rise.

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Our Vision

Streets Filled with you

We envision a world where every face, beard, and body stands out, demands attention. BIXBY WELLS envisions streets flooded with kings on the rise owning their look. Our vision? To be the soundtrack to your journey, the beat that makes heads turn.

Being the brand that turns heads with excellence in every bottle, every jar – that's the BIXBY WELLS promise.