How to Create a Custom hair system Template

When you order a Bixby Wells Brand stock hair replacement system, you have the opportunity to have the system cut to a template. Creating a template of your hair loss area (where the hair replacement system will cover) that you send in to us gives you an opportunity to customize any stock hair replacement system. We use the template you create as a model to cut a stock hair replacement system to the size and shape of your hair loss area, ensuring a perfect fit.

Time Required: 45 Minutes

Level of difficulty: Easy

Tools required:

  • Black permanent marker (thick point)
  • Plastic cling wrap
  • Black eyeliner pencil
  • Transparent roll tape
  • Spray bottle filled with water
  • Scissors


STEP 1: Draw a hairline 

Drawing a hairline: A hairline with a deep recession looks the more natural than a hairline that is straight across. The deeper the recession the more realistic the hairline will appear. For those of you who plan on using adhesive tape at the front of your new system, use the tape shape as a stencil for creating your hairline.

To determine the placement of your hairline, place three or four fingers flat on your forehead with your pinkie finger resting just above your brow line while your brows are raised or furrowed. Your front hairline should begin where your index finger is resting. (Take care not to place the hairline too far down your forehead.) Now, draw your hairline onto your skin using a black eyeliner pencil from temple to temple starting from the point where your index finger is resting  to form your hairline. Use rubbing alcohol to erase the line if you need to try again.

STEP 2: Place the plastic cling wrap firmly on your head

Cut strips of plastic cling wrap (12 to 14-inch strips) long enough to tie around your head like a hair scarf where the tie is positioned below your chin.

Spray some water over the hair loss area (the area that will be covered by the hair replacement system or man weave) so that the strips of plastic cling wrap adhere firmly to your scalp as you spread it open to cover the hair loss area. Place the plastic cling wrap on your head and press it tightly to your head, then tie it under your chin in order to keep wrap secure. Use both of your hands to pull the plastic cling wrap evenly towards the back of the head while ensuring that there are no wrinkles or creases on the surface over the hair loss area. Continue pulling the plastic cling wrap tightly, then tie the ends under your chin. 

STEP 3: Contour the head shape with tape

Next use transparent roll tape to contour the head shape. Start from the front-side of the forehead and end at the backside. Place the next piece of tape around the perimeter of your head above your forehead. Next, place pieces of tape side-by-side overlapping your forehead and your hairline by a one-inch minimum. Then place another piece of tape from your forehead to the backside of your head. Continue doing this until the plastic cling wrap is firmly secured to your head.

To create a permanent transparent template of your scalp (hair loss area), apply three layers of transparent roll tape. Place the first layer from front to back, then overlap the first layer with a second layer going from side to side, then overlap the second layer with a third and final layer going from front to back again.


STEP 4: Properly mark the template

Using a black permanent marker, mark the hair loss area from end to end by drawing a marker line. Place the letter "F" on the front hairline. Then drawn a line around the entire perimeter.

With plastic cling wrap still taped to your head and tied below your chin, draw pattern hair lines on to the tape template with a permanent marker. Draw a line around the perimeter of the hair loss area starting at the front hairline you created in an earlier step. This line will establish the shape of your hair system base or man weave base. Once the outer perimeter of the hair loss area is drawn, the desired hair direction should be marked. Finally, mark "F" for the front hairline and "B" for the back hairline on the template. Also, write your name and order number on the template.

STEP 5: Cutting the template

Once you are finished marking your tape template that is on your head, place one more layer of transparent roll tape going from side to side to seal and protect the markings. Carefully cut the ties beneath your chin to release the plastic cling wrap template. After removing the template, cut the template around the marked hair loss area perimeter. Place the template back on your hair loss area to make sure that the size and shape is a perfect fit. Finally, send the template to us.