1. Baths can improve skin health. Originally you might think that baths would maybe dry out your skin because of those little wrinkles you get but it does the opposite by locking in moisture for longer preventing cracking and drying. It also releases steam onto your face which opens your pores letting go of any dirt and toxins it might hold leaving you with fresher skin. Applying your favorite lotion after getting out of the bath can help lock in that moisture into your skin.
  2. Boosts your immune system and reliefs cold symptoms. I have pretty bad allergies this time of the year that causes me to be congested and have sinus pressure and can even get headaches. Taking a hot bath opens up nasal passageways, breaks down buildup, and circulates blood flow that relieves symptoms for your body. With COVID going around and being a respiratory virus its really important to take deep breaths throughout the day so you’re using your full lung capacity. The hot water in a bath acts as an almost physical exercise for your blood vessels allowing them to open up and get more oxygen to your lungs. I have read that it also helps your immune system which is a major benefit especially with all the sickness going around right now where our immune system needs to be stronger than ever.
  3. Lets your body know its time for sleep by relaxing your muscles. The hot water in a bath increases your body temperature and relaxes the muscles that soothe us not only physically but mentally. By doing this it helps your body enter its sleep spell allowing you to fall asleep much earlier and easier. Crawling into bed you will also feel that any aches or pains you might have been soothed and waking up will feel a lot more refreshing!
  4. It helps us feel better about ourselves. Quieting our minds and giving us the chance to slow down and take time for ourselves in general, helps us mentally feel better and gives us confidence in who we are. It’s also a great way to reduce daily anxiety allowing us to focus on the brighter things in life boosting our mood.
  5. It burns calories. A hot bath can lower your blood sugar and burn calories. Soaking in a hot bath for one hour is compared to burning as many calories as a half-hour walk which is about 150 calories!

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